CNC Machining Services In China

Our CNC Machining Services based in China is the perfect solution for companies that need high-precision custom parts for metal or plastic. Our skilled team of machinists can turn your ideas into reality using CNC machines, which are capable of producing extremely accurate parts at rapid speeds.

Our Custom CNC Machining Services

CNC machining services are vital in the manufacturing industry, offering precise and efficient solutions for various applications. Whether it’s prototyping, producing small batches, or mass production, CNC machining services provide the accuracy and consistency needed to meet the demands of modern production processes.

Precision CNC machining can create complex geometries with tight tolerances. It offers intricate designs and ensures that every component meets the desired quality standards. Additionally, our CNC machines can be programmed to perform multiple operations, reducing the need for manual intervention and saving time. We provide types of CNC services, including CNC milling, CNC turning, 5-axis machining, and Swiss CNC machining.

CNC Turning

CNC turning is a type of machining process that uses computer-controlled rotating cutting tools to shape a material. The process provides incredibly accurate and complex shapes, making it suitable for many industrial and manufacturing applications.We provide turnings in a wide range of materials, including aluminum, alloy steel, brass, and more. 

CNC Milling

CNC milling is a machining process that uses computer-controlled cutting tools to shape a material. It involves rotating and feeding the workpiece against a rotating tool to create the desired shape. We have 300 milling centers in 3-axis mills, 4-axis mills, and 5-axis mills. 

Swiss CNC Lathe Services

Swiss CNC lathes offer precision and accuracy due to their high-speed spindles and motion controls. Swiss CNC lathes also have a variety of features designed to minimize wasted time and effort, such as automatic threading and tool offsetting. This makes them perfect for creating intricate parts with tight tolerance requirements like medical and aerospace components. Additionally, their small size allows them to be used in areas where space is limited.

5-axis machining 

5-axis machines can create complex parts in one setup, as opposed to multiple setups with traditional CNC milling machines, resulting in significant time and cost savings. They are also capable of producing parts with tight tolerances, allowing for more precise machining and higher accuracy overall. We provide 5-axis machining services. We are able to deliver top-notch parts at competitive prices.

Our CNC Machining Materials 

Our CNC machining materials allow you to create high-quality CNC machining parts with accuracy and precision. Our CNC machines can cut a wide range of materials, including metals and plastics. Our materials can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Here are some examples of them



We can provide machining for a variety of different metals, including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and brass. We have the necessary machinery and skilled technicians to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and with the highest quality.

Plastic CNC Machining Parts


We can provide machining for a variety of plastics, including POM, Nylon, and ABS. A table on plastics for your reference.

ABS, Acetal, CPVC, Delrin(POM), HDPE, LDPE, Nylon, PEEKPET, PMMAPolycarbonatePolypropylene, PPSU, PS, PSU, PTFEPVC 

Gallery of Precision CNC Machined Parts

CNC machining parts can be found in nearly every type of industrial product or tool – from machine tools to pumps and valves. The parts machined by EJCNC include gears, shafts, plates, wires, rods, tubes, and other metal shapes or forms. 

CNC Machined Parts
CNC Machined Parts
CNC Machined Parts
CNC Machined Parts

CNC Machining Surface Finishes

Bead Blasted parts

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is a process used to remove unwanted material from an object. It involves using a high-pressure stream of air, water, or another liquid to blast away the unwanted material. This process can be used to remove paint, paint defects, glue residue, and another unwanted residue from objects.

powder coated parts

Powder coating

Powder coating is a method of applying a colored, textured, and durable finish to a surface using a powder composed of small particles. It is typically used on metal or other non-porous materials. The powder is applied in layers to form a coat with uniform color, texture, and durability.

anodized aluminum parts


Anodizing is a process used to make metal surfaces more resistant to corrosion and wear. Anodized metals are coated with a coloring agent that forms a thin, protective layer of oxide on the surface of the metal. This process is common in industrial and commercial applications, such as aircraft components, brake pads, and tool handles.

polished parts


Polishing is the process of removing scratches and imperfections from a surface by using a tool, material, or technique. It’s an important step in the preservation and maintenance of many different types of objects, including furniture, appliances, floors, and walls.

Electropolishing parts


Electropolishing is a process that involves applying high voltage to metal surfaces to remove corrosion and oxidation. It is typically used for metal surfaces that are difficult to reach, such as steel structures, pipelines, and equipment.

Plating parts


Plating is a common finishing option for CNC machining parts, which involves adding a thin layer of another metal to the surface of the part. The plating can be applied for various reasons like enhancing the appearance of the part, improving its durability, or providing additional corrosion resistance.

From CNC Rapid Prototyping To Production 

Rapid Prototyping

Our speedy quotation system and large capacity mean you can get prototypes accepted in a minimal time frame. This allows for expedited prototyping testing and getting your parts to the market swiftly.

mass production

Mass Production

Our comprehensive service for bulk orders guarantees that you obtain high accuracy and top-tier quality items. Improved production speed additionally permits just-in-time delivery of mass-produced components.

Why Do You Choose Our CNC Machining China Services?

DFM Analysis

We will provide real-time and competitive pricing and comprehensive DFM feedback on our digital quoting platform that analyses your part geometry.

Material Selection

We offer a variety of engineering-grade plastic and metal materials that may be used in a variety of industries and applications. Plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, and PEEK are available. Aluminium, stainless steel, platinum, and copper are also available.

Consistent High Quality

To guarantee the consistent and predictable quality of the items, we rigorously implement a quality management system. Precision CNC machining parts free of defects are also ensured during full inspections.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Before your design is sent to the manufacturing floor, our automated design analysis will identify any difficult-to-machine features and help save you from costly reworks. We also own domestic workshops and advanced CNC machinery to accelerate the production of your prototypes or parts.

Control Quality

Our Quality Promise For Precision CNC Parts

  • ISO 9001 certified, AS 9100 & ISO 13485 compliant
  • Material certifications available
  • All CNC-machined parts were inspected using CMM or laser scanners.
  • Every manufacturing collaborator is rigorously investigated and administered.
  • Quality guaranteed. We’ll make it right if a part is not made to spec.
  • Every order is accompanied by an examination record.

Precision CNC machining shop

Our precision CNC machining shop offers several advantages that set us apart from the competition:

Exceptional Accuracy: Our many CNC machines achieve precise and consistent results, ensuring that every component meets the highest quality standards.

Versatility: Our CNC machining shop is equipped to handle various materials, from metals to plastics, allowing us to cater to diverse industry needs and deliver custom solutions.

Quick Turnaround Time: Our efficient production processes and skilled team enable us to deliver projects on time, ensuring that our clients meet their deadlines without compromising quality.

Cost-effectiveness: By optimizing our manufacturing processes, we can offer competitive pricing without compromising on the precision and quality of our CNC machining services.

Customization: At our CNC machining company, we also offer different surface treatment options, such as anodizing, electroless nickel plating, powder coating, and custom part marking via laser engraving and screen printing. You can also ask for fast machining for some types of precision CNC parts so that the part can be manufactured in as little as five days.

CNC machining services

What Our Customers Say About Us

"We have had great experiences working with EJCNC. They are always willing to answer any questions I have and help me troubleshoot any problems I am having. The quality of their work is excellent, and their turnaround time is very quick. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of high precision CNC machining services. "
mechanical designer
John Doe
 "EJCNC is top-notch! They helped me out of a bind when another company let me down. Their customer service was excellent, and their team went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the final product. We've been working with EJCNC for a few years now and have always been impressed with their work. "
mechanical designer
Tim S.
"Great experience! The efficient and competent team was able to take on our project quickly. The outcome was even better than we had hoped. We've worked with EJCNC on several occasions and have always been impressed with their work. They're able to take on complex projects and deliver high-quality results. Highly recommend! "
mechanical designer
"We've been using EJCNC for all of our CNC machining needs and have never been disappointed. They always deliver top-notch results on time and within budget. They were able to take my design and create high-quality parts. The whole process was very smooth, and I couldn't be happier with the final results."
mechanical designer

How does EJCNC’s custom CNC machining service work?

EJCNC’s custom CNC machining service is a streamlined process designed to deliver tailored solutions to our client’s needs. It begins with a detailed consultation, where our team collaborates closely with the client to understand their project requirements, including design specifications, materials, and quantity.

Once we clearly understand the project, our skilled engineers utilize advanced CAD/CAM software to create a precise digital model of the component or part. This model is then translated into machine instructions, which guide our CNC machines.

Our cutting-edge equipment precisely cuts, drills, and shapes the chosen material to meet the specifications outlined in the digital model. Our team closely monitors the production throughout the machining process to ensure quality and accuracy.

Once the machining is complete, we conduct thorough inspections and quality checks to guarantee that the final product meets the highest standards.

Our custom CNC services combines advanced technology, expertise, and attention to detail to deliver exceptional results that align with our client’s unique requirements.


CNC machining has a wide variety of applications across various industries. Some common CNC machining applications include:

Aerospace: CNC machining is used to produce parts for aircraft, space vehicles, and satellites.

Automotive: CNC machining is used to produce engine components, transmission parts, and other automotive parts.

Medical: CNC machining is used to produce medical implants, prosthetics, and surgical instruments.

Electronics: CNC machining is used to produce electronic enclosures, connectors, and other components.

Defense: CNC machining is used to produce military-grade components and weapons.

Industrial: CNC machining is used to produce parts for heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and manufacturing tools.

Consumer Products: CNC machining is used to produce high-precision parts for consumer products such as watches, jewelry, and eyewear.

Robotics: CNC machining is used to produce precision parts for robots and automation systems.

Energy: CNC machining is used to produce parts for oil and gas exploration, wind turbines, and solar panels.

Overall, CNC machining is a versatile technology that can be applied in many different industries for the production of high-quality, precise parts.

CNC machining offers several advantages over traditional methods, such as improved accuracy, repeatability, flexibility, and efficiency. CNC machining provides precise control over the movements of the cutting tools, allowing for accurate cutting and shaping with minimal waste. The process is also extremely efficient due to its ability to quickly switch between jobs without requiring extensive setup time. CNC machining offers great flexibility because it can be used to produce precision CNC parts from a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, and composites. Finally, CNC machining ensures repeatability through its ability to produce identical parts with high precision in multiple batches.

The biggest disadvantage of using CNC is the cost. While CNC machines can increase production output, they can be very expensive to purchase and maintain. The cost of training staff to operate CNC machines is often high, as it requires advanced knowledge of programming and robotics. Furthermore, repairs and maintenance on these machines tend to require specialized parts and service technicians, which can be costly and time-consuming to source. Finally, CNC machines are not typically versatile in terms of producing different types of products; once a machine is programmed to produce a specific product or range of products, it cannot easily be reprogrammed for other items without significant effort.

CNC machining cost is calculated based on a variety of factors. The size and complexity of the part, the type of material used, the number of pieces that need to be machined, and the speed at which the CNC machine will run all factor into the cost. The setup time required for each part can also add to the cost. Depending on how fast and accurate the CNC machine needs to be, additional costs may be incurred for high-speed mills or spindles. Furthermore, if there are any special features or materials that need to be machined, such as certain cutting tools or lubricants, this will also affect the cost. 

The cost of machined parts can be reduced by taking a few simple steps.

It is important to thoroughly research the materials and processes used in order to find the most cost-effective option. If there are multiple processes available for creating a part, selecting the one with the lowest cost is essential.

Reducing production time and improving efficiency can help to reduce costs.

Automating certain processes or utilizing software that offers digital design capabilities can help to speed up production and cut costs.

Having a good relationship with your supplier and negotiating for better rates for materials and services can also be beneficial when trying to reduce machined part costs.

Common types of CNC machining include milling, turning, electrical discharge machining (EDM), laser cutting, and waterjet cutting. Milling involves rotating a multi-point cutting tool against the material to create the desired shape; turning involves rotating the material while a single-point cutting tool shapes it; EDM uses electrical sparks to cut away pieces of metal; laser cutting vaporizes the material with intense heat; and waterjet cutting uses a high-pressure stream of water mixed with an abrasive substance to cut through materials. Each of these processes can be used for a variety of applications, from creating intricate parts for medical devices to producing large components for construction equipment.

Starting a CNC machining project with us is easya and stress-free. First, you will need to provide us with your project requirements, such as drawings, specifications, and any other details about the project that you have. We can then review the information and create an estimate for the project. Once we understand what is required, we will discuss a timeline for completion and begin designing the parts. We will then use the 3-axis and the 4-axis CNC machinery to machine the parts according to your specifications. Our experienced CNC machinists are experienced in this field for many years and are ready to work on your project. Once the parts have been machined, they will be inspected for accuracy before being sent out for delivery or pick up. With our quick turnarounds, expert advice, and quality results, you can trust that you’re getting exactly what you need when working with us on your CNC machining projects.

Design guides are an important resource for any CNC machinist, as they provide detailed instructions on how to create components in various materials. The three most popular design guides for CNC machining are ISO 13399, ANSI/ASME B94.9-1995, and ANSI Y14.5-2009. ISO 13399 is a standardized cutting tool data representation system that provides instructions on the selection of the right cutting tools to use in various applications. ANSI/ASME B94.9-1995 is a guide that provides guidance on the design of parts made with CNC machines, while ANSI Y14.5-2009 is general guidance on dimensioning and tolerancing for parts made with CNC machines. Each guide provides helpful information about different aspects of CNC machining, such as tool selection, machine setup and operation, part inspection, and more.

Compared to traditional machine shops, CNC machining offers greater accuracy and repeatability and can produce higher-quality components with shorter lead times. It also eliminates the need for manual labor, as CNC machines are programmed with instructions that they follow autonomously. CNC machining allows manufacturers to quickly adjust the parameters of the machine if needed without having to re-tool or make adjustments manually. With less time and effort required in production, manufacturers can save money on labor costs and other associated expenses. Overall, CNC machining provides a faster, more efficient solution than traditional machine shops while still delivering high-precision results.

Other CNC Manufacturing Services

Are you in need of CNC machining China services?

We offer comprehensive online CNC machining services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With our advanced technology and skilled team of professionals, we are committed to delivering high-quality precision CNC parts and components. Our streamlined online platform allows customers to easily upload their design files and specifications, enabling us to analyze, program, and produce the desired parts efficiently.

Whether prototyping or large-scale production, our CNC machining services ensure accurate and reliable results, meet the tightest tolerances, and deliver products within the specified timeframe. Contact us now to learn more about our CNC machining China services and how we can help take your business to the next level!